Technoresearch Direct Link Maximus VCM Tuner

Technoresearch Direct Link Maximus VCM Tuner

TechnoResearch Maximus Tuner VCM Direct Link
Maximus utilizes the hardware specifications of the VCM-TR4, the diagnostic features of Centurion Basic, and the tuning capabilities of Direct Link.
This all in one tool has been developed for all Harley Davidson models built from 2001 to Current models. Maximus allows for backing-up and restoring original maps, re-flashing stock ECUs, and performing routine diagnostics.
Maximus is a single-user tool that can also be used by a TechnoResearch tuning center if the single-user decides they want a professional tune.
Diagnostics (Key Fob coding, Speedometer Calibration, Read & Clear DTCs, System Relay testing)
Tune and Modify ECU tables
tables vary by model/brand
Back-up and Restore the Original Map
Auto Mapping
Fast data acquisitions and display
Provides power from motorcycle for Wideband O2.
Record/Monitor wideband O2 sensors
Note: 4 pin (J1850) or 6 pin (CAN) cable connector are sold separately
NOTE: Can be used on one motorcycle an unlimited amount of times, but not multiple motorcycles.

Delenummer: 10202840

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