S&S Cycle Camshaft Set 509C Chain-Driven

S&S Cycle Camshaft Set 509C Chain-Driven

Great low and mid-range torque
Lower lift allows them to be bolted into stock 96″-106″ 2006 engines with stock valve springs
Strongest from 1,000-4,500 rpm
180 psi cranking compression; no need for compression releases
Included Items: (2) Chain drive cams (1) front, (1) rear, (2) 22 x28.5 x12 Needle bearings, (1) Large O-ring, (2) Small O-rings, (1) Retaining ring, (1) 20 x 42x 12 Bearing, (1) 20 x 42 x12 Bearing w/O-ring, (1) 5/16″-18 x 3/4″ Flange hex head bolt, (1) Cam cover gasket, (1) 5ml Tube of loctite® 262, (1) 5ml Tube of loctite® 243, Instructions
Made in the U.S.A.
Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance.Due to the inherent characteristics of gear drives, you may experience more valve train noise
If OES, 509 or 510C cams are used with the stock chain drive system in Twin Cam 88 engines, it is recommended to use cylinder heads with stock valve springs or performance valve springs with no more than 160 lb. of seat force. For more demanding applications, we recommend the S&S gear drive cams.

Delenummer: 0925-0539

509C Cam Kit, Twin Cam 1999-2006